Les 5 raisons derrière l’échec des projets TI

C’est bien connu et en même temps toujours embarrassant de le rappeler, de trop nombreux projets TI connaissent de sérieux ratés et dépassent, parfois largement, échéancier et budget.

Chart going through the floor

Le site Technovation Talks nous propose sa liste des « Top 5 Reasons IT Projects Fail ».

Voici le résumé que le site Trends in the Living Networks en a fait:

1. An inability to examine or challenge assumptions: Most terminal problems will show up in the initial stages of the project, and they continue to progress because no one speaks up.

2. A “silo” mentality: This means a project that becomes over-compartmentalized. Not only do teammates cease to work together, but they start to point fingers when things go wrong.

3. The inability to compromise: In order to succeed, your project has to be flexible, and it won’t be unless the people behind it are as well. If you fail to compromise, deadlines are going to quickly pass you by.

4. Technology-Centric Projects: Are you using the next big thing in technology because you need it or because everyone else is using it? Remember the point of these products is not just to look cool, but to align to your organization’s needs.

5.  Poor Role Definition and Project Dynamics: Don’t get confused with who’s doing what. Make sure jobs are clearly defined. Leaders should be flexible, but everyone still needs one person to take charge.

Pour plus de détail, le billet original se trouve  ici.

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